Producer, Singer, Songwriter and Owner of Wiseproduktionz, LLC (A SO Chica brand company)

Chica Evette Casey studied the Entertainment Business at Fullsail University from 2009 - 2012. She is the author of "Sucker For Love" and "Babe in Christ" Growing while walking with the Lord. She is also the founder and owner of the "SO Chica" brand. The founder of  " Finding Ways to Stay Free" Empowering Men and Women to be LEADERS in a world against the odds  by  Turning Negative Choices into Positive Reinforcement . Her hobbies are singing, writing music, spending time with God, family and friends. She's passionate about her ministry because she believes it is her calling and wants to inspire others lives to be changed as she walk  in God's plan for her life.



Prison Ministry:


Scripture: John 8:36 For whom the son has set free is free indeed.

1.) Give 10 books for inmates to read and share.
2.) 2 weeks after donation WE go to the facility to see what the inmates thoughts are and answer   questions.  
3.) For those who are interested in publishing their own books, WE give them the information to do so and select two inmates to publish their stories.
4.) WE leave them with a powerful thought through the WORD by giving a scripture at the beginning and end of our visit, that will encourage them to find a way to stay free by following their dreams.

What motivates you? 

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Inspired by: Derwin Seward Sr